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HPg Calculator Tutorial. Description: A set of 33 different lessons spanning 73 pages giving a comprehensive introduction to the 50g. This is a first in a series of RPL programming tutorial with the Hewlett Packard HP 50g Graphics Calculator. RPL stands for the Reverse Polish. HP 50g users guide · HP 50g advanced reference HP Calculator Self-Test Functions · HPg Calculator Tutorial by Merv Newton (retired from Thiel College.

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An example would be: Hope that helps, Eddie. Edward Shore September 15, at 5: The first program we are going to do is a simple one: No spaces are allowed in up50g names. Thus, we have Better and more Experienced Tutors. The second expression would be a bit harder to input.

Posted by sciencectn at 1: There is a wide variety of mathematical programs, applications, and analysis that can be done with the HP 50g calculator. Bruce Prince September 16, at 6: If you have a small linear system, use the method listed for polynomials.

RPN essentially works by taking calculations and then breaking them down step by step, giving you full control and a good view of intermediate values. This is more or less what you would be doing on a TI calculator. I had to use the Orange [RS] key and [down arrow] keys. If it’s a big system, you have to use another method. Bruce Prince September 15, at 4: Notice that each box in the soft menu has a corresponding button below it.

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Convert the contents of Level 1 to an approximate answer. Now, your two matrices are on the stack.

I’ll go with hutorial, 1, and 1. Vitasam October 9, at 9: Once you get used to it, the concept of stack manipulation will come naturally.

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Here are both sides of the debate:. About Me sciencectn View my complete profile.

I’ll use this example system of 5 equations tugorial 5 variables. It is highly subjective, but since you can access the number pad and do not need to access the function layer white print actively while, it would typically save you time. Luckily, the calculator will run off of USB power.

HP 50g Tutorial videos – English

Edward Shore October 28, at 2: Note that the decimal point will not appear unless if you are dealing with approximate values. This is a rather small system, and you could actually solve it with the first method. Put that into an bp50g Start by keying in the first equation in the equation editor, by pressing Tutoroal shift orange button tutorixl EQW the “O” button.


Now, put your variables to be solved for into an array, by entering ‘X’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ on the stack and pressing 3 since there are 3 items in our array: The operating mode refers to whether you are inputting it in algebraic notation or RPN notation. You will be greeted with the following screen, where you should press. Then, make sure there is a dot next to the Go with a sideways arrow by pressing F5.

You will see the following screen:. Here are two programs in TI-Basic to help If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment. So, why navigate through the entire catalog to find the function?

Is it possible that 2GB is too big?