Which job do you want to add? Another sequential job or a parallel job? However , in both the cases there are mainly 2 easy ways: Add a “Job Activity” stage. Sequencer. Multiple inputs and multiple outputs. 11 here we are executing Trigger Stage that is job finished with no errors/ Warnings. Sequencers are job control programs that execute other jobs with preset Job DataStage The sequencer operates in two modes:ALL mode.

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You must compile the master sequencer job before you can use it. Import the generated master sequencer job into your DataStage project.

What are Sequencers?

Creating environment variables in your sequence jobs You can define an environment variables as a job parameter to use in your sequence jobs. This process generates the master sequencer job and stores it in the target file path you specified in step seven.

The sequencer operates in two modes: Also, the sequencer jobs you select should be compiled and ready for use. Yes you can run the 2nd job even if the first one fails.

You interact with activities in the same way that you interact with stages in parallel jobs and server jobs. Please Turn OFF your ad zequencer.

The master sequencer utility uses only sequencer jobs as input; please do not use server jobs as input. Creating a Master Sequencer Job To create a master sequencer job using the master sequencer utility: To add an activity to your job sequence, drag the corresponding icon from the Palette to the sequence job canvas.


You interact with activities in the same way that you interact with stages in parallel jobs and server jobs. The utility does not provide annotations for the master sequencer job, but you can provide annotations if you wish. It can have multiple input triggers as well as multiple output triggers. Sequence jobs contain activities, which are special stages that indicate the actions that occur when the sequence job runs. You mean to say we cant run the 2nd job if 1st job is failed?

Specify these characteristics to determine how your sequence job runs.

However, in case, if you want to execute next job even though all the dwtastage triggers are False, then Seqencer is NOT the solution. Note the file path of the text file for later use. All means all incoming triggers must be true and Any means at least one needs to be true.

You specify the control information, such as the different courses of action to take depending on whether a job in the sequence succeeds or fails. You will recall that sequencer jobs invoke and run other jobs.

Creating sequence jobs You create sequence jobs by adding activities, linking the activities, specifying triggers for each activity, and optionally adding parameters for each activity. In this mode, output triggers can be fired if any of the sequencer inputs are TRUE. If this sequence job runs successfully, the success trigger causes the Overnightrun sequence job to run.


The job sequence includes properties and can have parameters, which are passed to the activities in the sequence job. Routine activity properties In addition to the General and Triggers pages, the Properties dialog box for a routine activity contains a Routine page. Only staging sequencer jobs can be run in parallel.

Examples of using the sequencer stage

You can also add jobs or routines to your design as activities by dragging the associated icon from the Designer client Repository and dropping it on your sequence job canvas. In this mode all of the inputs to the sequencer must be TRUE for any of the sequencer outputs to fire.

Ensure you select the proper mode for the sequential jobs included in the master sequencer. The stages that datasrage add are known as activities. First Prev Next Last.

Building sequence jobs

All activities have a General tab, and any activities that contain output triggers have a Triggers tab. Designing sequence jobs Designing a sequence job is similar to designing a parallel job. If the Demo job wequencer, the Failure trigger causes the Failure sequence job to run.