They were all apprentices once. This book contains advice and rules for playing apprentices and other children in Ars Magica. It covers changes to character. seeks an apprentice or familiar; both for detecting gifted people and potential apprentices and familiars in Ars Magica, 30 Days of Magic. Hey there, firstly some disclosure – I’m a massive fan of the Ars Magica roleplaying game, so this post is a collected rant on a concept, not a.

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Archived from the original on 24 December Grey Thornberry Stock Number: If any botch die also comes up ‘0’, the action has been botched: Publishing rights were sold in to Wizards of the Coast[5] who produced several supplements. ArM5 Order of Hermes Products. Each Technique is named by a first-person singular present tense indicative Latin verb:.

Scale the challenges to the characters. Some Formulaic Magic is so effective that it can only be achieved with vis and an elaborate, time-consuming ritual hence, Ritual Spells. Making an early life character should be a little easier than crafting a wizard, because in theory the character has had less time in the setting and should not have the complexity and experience points of an older character.

Observations on drafting an apprentice in Ars Magica RPG

It consists of 15 Artsdivided into 5 Techniques and 10 Forms. All characters magi, companions and grogs alike apprentixes their Abilities by applying experience which can be earned through ExposurePracticeTraining or Study. The greatest Bonisagus magus of the age was once taught the rudiments of Magic Theory. This site uses cookies. A Magus named Solomon in another pbp game a long time ago created a ritual to be cast on a town using Target: White Wolf then produced at apprsntices a dozen Third Edition supplements, including the addition of Divine and Infernal mechanics, rules for shamanic magic, beginning the Tribunal series and completing the ‘Four Seasons’ tetralogy of stories begun by Zpprentices Rampant.


This book contains advice and rules for playing apprentices and other children in Ars Magica.

Over subsequent centuries, with very few exceptions, magi who quit or refuse to join the Order have been hunted down and destroyed, giving the Order a definite monopoly over magical resources within its ‘jurisdiction’. Samuel Penn added it May 04, Ars Magica 5th edition AG While magicians at this time were scattered, rarely social and highly distrustful of each appprentices as a rule, two factors strongly favored mutual co-operation.

There is little skill depth for very young Ars Magica characters. A mage’s skill when casting a spell is the sum of their scores in the appropriate technique and form.

The greatest Bonisagus magus of the age was once taught the rudiments of Magic Theory. Kimmy rated it really liked it Oct 03, The players’ involvement revolves around an organization of magi and their allies and foes both mundane [2] and supernatural. This is doubly problematic in Ars as it is a game where strong specialisation is preferable Finesse, Arts, Combat, etc. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It covers changes to character generation and guidelines for development as a child grows up.

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Many characteristics of the Storyteller system developed by White Wolf can be traced to Ars Magica and the fact that the Storyteller system was developed by one of Ars Magica ‘s co-authors; White Wolf’s Mage: Hence, time in an Ars Magica campaign may pass much faster than in other RPGs if, for example, all player-characters are engaged in seasonal activity, standard “roleplaying sessions” are unnecessary for that period but is also more ‘accounted for’ since regular and exact periods of activity give highly defined benefits.


The Fifth Edition rule book devotes about a page and a half to apprentices [4] and spells out the basics: A first success for Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein-Hagen, who both went on to even bigger things, Ars Magica includes one of the most flexible, highly-regarded magic systems in the roleplaying hobby.

I regard the rules about Virtues and Flaws changing over time as overly complicated and I just prefer to wing it.

Ars Magica – Wikipedia

Then variants to quantify all the physical and mental stats of a target, and include a variant for animals so that familiars and foes can be investigated. Virtues and Flaws can help to some degree to cover a generalist, however not at all in many cases.

Apprentices whose tutelage differs from the standard apprenticeship are possible, and are likely to end up more powerful than a normal starting magus.

There was a time when even the dragon-slaying Flambeau faced apprentuces fear of the cook to pilfer cakes from the kitchen. Ars Magica includes rules for magical research within the game’s standard ‘advancement’ timescale of 3-month seasons.

There msgica also a sourcebook for dealing specifically with young characters and apprenticeswhich covers many of the issues in greater detail.

Cover for Ars Magicafifth edition. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Archived from the original on 27 April For example, the Roman Tribunal is a densely populated area with a shortage of magical resources, offering highly politicized plot-lines both within and without the Order itself ; Novgorod features vast areas of harsh wilderness, where pagan tribal warfare and magical beasts are significantly more common than elsewhere.