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In spite of the popularity of “Anuttarayoga” as a so-called ‘back translation’ from the Tibetan rnal ‘byor bla na med pa. With the practice of the highest class of tantra, anuttarayoga tantra, we work to access our subtlest clear light mind and its accompanying subtlest energy-wind. Anuttara-yoga tantra [RY]. highest yoga tantra [RY]. The highest division of tantra according to the New Translation (Tib. gsar ma) schools.

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When sexually attracted to someone, we imagine the insides of their body if we were to peel away the skin. Giving us a disguise is conferring tatnra tantric empowerment.

Explanation of The Mahamudra PrayerPart 3 ]. May we all know liberation in this lifetime and be graced with the splendour of the infinite, ceaseless, eternally rising sun. Purifying ourselves of something that we anuttwra to be rid of can be done in various ways. There, we disconnect the electricity from the elevator that goes to the prison cell znuttara reconnect it to the elevator that goes to the palace chamber.

Tantra Classification Main Page

In our case here, the three are all analogous to each other: Moreover, both stages of practice are carried out with a mind that has both valid cognition of voidness and an unlabored bodhichitta aim.

This text forms a textbook and ready reference to accompany the sadhana of those initiated into the Anuttarayogatantras. Similarly, the terms used in Sanskrit also uniformly utilize comparatives: These two aspects are two ways of describing the same activity and are not consecutive.

This pathway mind entails two levels of practice: Although everything in our example may not be exactly accurate, perhaps it nevertheless helps to explain how the anuttarayoga purification method works. In Gelug-Kagyu mahamudra meditation, we shift the focus of our attention from the content of the sensory or mental cognition that is accompanied by a disturbing emotion and focus instead on the conventional nature of the mental activity that is occurring. It is not that we have an everlasting continuity of death, bardo, and rebirth, like we have an everlasting tatra of a mental continuum, and we work to make this endless continuity free of stains just so that we can have a anurtara death, bardo, and rebirth without stains.


Rather, we want to root out the causes for them altogether and to purify ourselves in the sense of eliminating death, bardo, and rebirth forever.

The structures of how the experiences of our number one trio and number two trio occur, however, are the same. Part of a series on Vajrayana Buddhism Traditions. Such an opponent force would be similar to when we oppose hatred with love. Recapitulation Arrow down Arrow up Now let us put all this together in terms of our example and fill in more detail.

Anuttara-yoga tantra – Rangjung Yeshe Wiki – Dharma Dictionnary

The Tibetan word Nyingma literally means old traditions of Tantra and Sarma means the new traditions of Tantra. Women in Tantric Buddhism.

Method Tantra is more focused tantfa achieving the form body rupakaya – containing the nirmanakaya and sambhogakaya of a buddha. The Encyclopedia wnuttara Tibetan Symbols and Motifs. To bring about the attainment of a true stopping of the emotional obscurations, that nonconceptual cognition of voidness needs to be conjoined with a mind of renunciation, tnatra determination to be free. Exercising self-control not to act out a disturbing emotion when one arises does not actually counter the disturbing emotion.

Our misery in prison is awful, but even more unbearable is the suffering of the countless other prisoners who are each locked up in their own cells. Karma yoga Bhakti yoga Jnana yoga Raja yoga. Rather, they chose consistently to use a comparative rather than a superlative. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The electricity for both elevators comes from the basement, but now it is connected only to elevator one, the elevator to the prison cell. To do this and get past the guards, we need to tantraa a disguise.

Simultaneously, the anuttqra minds act as causes for substituting onto the foundation other factors, so that the same mechanism that gave rise to death, bardo, and rebirth gives rise instead to the omniscient mind of a Buddha and the two levels of subtlety of enlightening physical bodies in which a Buddha appears.

It is not purification in the sense of making the later moments of continuity of death, bardo, and rebirth better.

A Concise Discourse on the Path to Enlightenment. A third method that is used in Buddhism is to direct toward an object the exact opposite state of mind from that which we had previously held toward it and which had caused us many problems.


Having accomplished this, we then take elevator number two up to the palace chamber and, tahtra there, help all the other prisoners to escape. In addition, we are using a pathway mind of practice that is also analogous to both one and two and which enables us to anhttara down to their common foundation.

Anuttarayoga Tantra

In general, there are many methods that are used in Buddhism to rid ourselves of problems. Sambhogakaya, the subtler of the two, is a Corpus Making Full Use — specifically, a network of physical forms making full use of the Mahayana teachings.

To bring about the attainment of a true stopping of the cognitive obscurations, it needs to be conjoined as well with a bodhichitta aim. After many trials of taking the elevator down and almost reaching the basement before having to come back up again, we finally succeed in reaching the basement.

We are also not opposing death, bardo, and rebirth directly. For instance, we speak of developing love, which is the wish for all beings to have happiness and the causes for happiness.

Both systems employ the two – Generation and Perfection Stage Yoga. An example is meditating on ugliness in order to overcome attachment, or meditating on love in order to overcome anger. We find out the weakest, vital point of the whole mechanism. Now let us put all this together in terms of our example and fill in more detail.

The basement is the subtlest level of our continuum — our clear light mind and subtlest energy-wind. The countless number of physical forms in which a Buddha appears is of two types: The Englightened Heart of Buddhahood: We do this in order to purify our mental continuums from experiencing ever again the true sufferings of ordinary death, bardo, and rebirth.

Actually taking the elevator and eventually anuytara in reaching the basement while wearing the disguise is complete stage practice.